Year 0 - Spring

Stress Economic 0/5 Morale 0/6 Property 2/4 Military 0/6
Fate Points 2/2 Refresh 1 Bonus

Ouch. This isn't going well for us blade elves. Grandmaster Ehra calls together a meeting of his top leaders to discuss the gravity of the situation. If Fort Álfyr runs out of food, this elf nation will fail before it even begins. That is not an option. In order to survive, the blade elves will have to change. Our old habits will have to change. We will have to change. And he has an idea...

Economic: Well, we don’t have the economic skills to resolve this situation. We do have a nifty bonus die to building a barracks though, but also a setback die. Time to take a chance, we guess.

Using the Investment trapping of the Infrastructure skill to build a Barracks!

Skill 0 with bonus die, 1 ability die with 1 bonus die. We rolled 1 success, 2 advantage.

Political: If Fort Alfyr collapses, we’re done no matter how much food we have. The Houseguests also aren’t ready to leave. If this turn goes as bad as last turn, we’re maxed out on our Property track and suffer a (probably literal) Collapse. If a famine starts, Morale is likely to take a hit. We can’t directly move stress to the Military track, so let’s try for the Economic one.

STUNT USE! Military Discipline: Assigning Alpha Division to the task for this turn. This will allow us to use our Military Science skill for the Rebuilding trapping of the Recovery skill. Alpha Division is authorized to oversee the mass mandatory military mobilization of the engineers needed to fix Fort Alfyr. In order to prevent disgruntled workers, we are also paying them a hefty bonus with what little cash we have.

Attempting to move 2 points from Property onto Economy and remove one point, so difficulty 3.

Using Military Science skill at 3(1), so 3 ability dice 1 proficiency die.

Result: 2 successes, 3 advantages.

Military: Well, I guess we keep doing what we’re good at. Let’s try to start up Bravo division and recruit some of those Guardselves! Bravo division will have the starting aspect Eager Recruits, if that’s acceptable.

Using the Drill trapping of Military Science at 3(1)

4 successes total as a result.

Mental: Here’s where we make or break everything. We have a bonus ability die, so we’re going to go all in. Here’s Ehra’s idea - we are elves. We are not alone. We don’t have to rely on only our strengths. There are hundreds of other elves here we can call on, and we have that juicy fate point from our previous failure, so here we go.

Using 1 fate point to invoke the temporary aspect Houseguests!

We are asking our friends for help in teaching us how to be civilians. Farming, fishing, hunting - whatever. They probably know all about it, and we’ve just been sitting on them.

I think this best falls under the Creation trapping of the Academics skill (since we’re looking for concrete facts and directly applying them,) not that it matters since it’s all at 0 anyways.

We have 1 ability die, plus 1 proficiency die from the Invoke, plus a bonus die from our advantage last turn.

2 successes, 2 advantage. Hope it’s enough.


Those houseguests are still there. No matter what results from this turn, you suffer 1 property stress.

Economic: Rolling 1 difficulty die for an easy task give us… Zilch!Congrats on the new barracks! With those two advantage, the swanky new digs that actually turn out rather nice will give you a bonus die on your next attempt to recruit troops (regardless of when.)

Political: Rolling 3 difficulty die… Results, 1 failure 3 threats.

Net one success.

Well, it goes surprisingly smooth. It appears people are actually happy to work under the watchful eye of such legendary heroes. The cash bonus helps too. Remove two stress from your Property track and place one on your Economy track.

Military: Eager Recruits sounds like an acceptable starting Aspect.

Rolling 4 difficulty dice for recruiting a new level 3 unit in a new division…. Results, 3 failures.

Net, 1 success.

Say hello to Bravo Division! They’re just happy to be here!

Mental Ah, now here’s the meat. This is a much better way to solve the problem. Your elves throw themselves into finding this solution, meeting with important figures to discuss how you can resolve this crisis. Your people are determined to see you through this.

To your surprise, your friends are shocked at how bad the problem has gotten. They had seen the terrible cooking and soldiers marching around the beach looking for crabs and just had a chuckle. They had no idea you were having such problems. They are incredibly eager to help, and for them this is a pretty approachable problem. According to your friends, this is actually fairly fertile land. The surrounding soil is good, the sea is always bountiful, and the river can be exploited.

This is an Average difficulty task, so 2 difficulty dice… Result: 1 failure, 1 threat.

Net 1 success and 1 advantage.

Whew! Crisis averted! Your elf allies help you set up plenty of ways to gather food, from farming to fishing. Fishing, both in the ocean and river, turns out to be a good starting point for immediately gathering food. The river elves teach you how to set up nets in the river. The Dark elves even show you how to grow tasty mushrooms. The winged elves demonstrate some handy hunting techniques. The dreamdust elves even lend you some goats to start your own herd.

One advantage means a bonus die goes to any Enrichment task to add aspects related to farming, animal keeping, or fishing next turn.

The Event Food Crisis has been resolved. Huzzah! The event Houseguests is ongoing.

The elves at Fort Alfyr finally have enough provisions to set out into their new lands. And honestly, that property damage every turn is getting to be a pain. They are eager to set out, and quite thankful for all the help you have given then.

As a celebration of surviving the long hardships it has taken to get this far, the leaders of all the elf peoples agree to throw a party. They also know the quality of your cooking, so they agree to bring food.

Roleplaying Opportunity: Goodbye Potluck! Summer Year 0 to be resolved after the roleplaying event.

Current year: