What even are Cryptids?

Practically nothing is known for certain about the Cryptid Elves. Even the name Cryptids is something that others made up, just to have something to call them. It was originally a joke about their extremely elusive nature, but it has stuck.

Only a few things are known for certain about them. They were definitely on the side of the rebels, though only extremely high ranking rebel leadership had any idea what they did in service for the rebellion. Presumably, it was something extremely stealthy. It is assumed that they are elves, mostly due to the long pointy ears and elven hands. No one has ever seen more than one cryptid elf at a time, though several different individuals have been seen. Most notably, a tall one with pale white skin and a strange tattoo on the center of its chest who may be their leader.

After the war, the rest of the elves were surprised to find a group of cryptid elves also settling these new elven lands. Only a few have been seen, and never more than one, but there is a large camp that is completely covered by thick tarps outside the fort and no one else has claimed it. No one's had the courage to go inside.

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