Statistically significant quantities of elves!

Great ElfVenture Read Through

This story is built out of many interconnected chains created over the course of a game of CivElf. These include Roleplay Events, Turn Actions, and various Stories. As a reader, you have the choice of which order to read the text. You can chose to follow a single Elven nation's story, or you can return to the index at any time to change to a different path.

Some bonus text will be unlocked by following a story thread to its reveal. Other metadata type text will also be unlocked by reading to the point where it becomes relevant. There will be links within the text to anything extra.

Please understand that this is very much an Early Access Pre-Alpha project at the moment. It is far from complete. Submit your bug reports to me through email.

Supporting Document: Contextual Introduction

The Blade Elves are an NPC faction designed to be used as the tutorial for how the game (and the read-through) should flow. Reading their example turns is a good way to get a feel for what to expect from the actual players, and to figure out the site navigation. Consider them the training wheels.

Every year starts with a Potluck, so one point of entry is to start reading from the very first one.

Alternatively, you can jump right in to reading the yearly tales of the lives of the elves with the Blade Elves' first turns.

Blade Elves Dark Elves Dreamdust Elves Fire Elves River Elves Winged Elves

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